Quick and basic blog I threw together just to share some thoughts regarding Windows 8. I’ll most likely register a domain and set this up properly at some point; been thinking about getting back into tech blogging for a while now and whilst I’m not doing much over the summer it seems like as good a time as any!

Just as a bit of background, I’m an ex-graphic designer turned photographer (and mature student) with an interest in technology – most specifically operating systems and UX. I did a fair few concept designs for Microsoft a decade ago, some of which managed to find their way into Windows Vista and 7, much to my delight haha. At the moment I’m primarily a landscape/architectural photographer specializing in photorealism through HDR capture and postprocessing workflows. I mostly shoot film (medium and large format) with a wide variety of equipment, large amounts of which are currently sitting on a rather large number of shelves in my living room 🙂


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  1. imu says:

    Hi mate, do something write something I was gonna come visit often.


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